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online therapy

Why Online Therapy Is a Great Alternative

Online therapy, also called teletherapy, distance therapy, or e-therapy is a form of talk therapy that is experienced electronically. Whether it is through texting, voice messaging, or video chatting, this newer form of therapy has gained increasing popularity in recent years. In 1995, Dr. David Sommers was the first to provide online therapy which consisted of continual dialogue within a private therapeutic relationship. Sommers utilized real-time chats and emails to provide therapy to hundreds of clients in various countries. His clients paid Sommers a fee for private, one-on-one therapy which was still closely related to traditional therapy.

This created a domino effect in the clinical therapy world and soon to follow this innovative way offering mental health services was Ed Needham. Needham was the first therapist to exclusively use chat rooms to work with therapists. This new way of talk therapy became more widespread in the 2000’s and is now the new trend today.


Affordable & Cost Effective

The nature of online therapy is cost effective in several ways. You don’t have to eat the costs of typical inpatient therapy services, you can skip the commute which can cut down on the gas expense, and schedule at a time that’s more financially suitable for you. Many states do require insurance providers to cover online therapy; however, there are online therapists that often offer affordable treatment options for those who are not covered by health insurance. Keep in mind, that some states do not allow out of state providers. So, in the event you are searching for your next online therapist, be sure to check the service provider policy and guidelines to ensure that you can get the proper care you need.



As mentioned before, you can skip the commute, not only for cost purposes, but for convenience. This is good for those who are working professionals, individuals with physical limitations, or those who live in large metropolitan areas in which the time it takes to get to a session may be longer than the session itself. Whatever the reason may be, you may rest assured that you can get the quality service you need right in the comfort of your own home; or wherever you choose to connect with your online therapist. Teletherapy is also convenient in a sense that it allows more frequent contact with a therapist. If you need immediate assistance, you can easily contact your therapist at the click of a button. This can be a great fit for those who don’t want to wait a week to chat with their therapist and prefer frequent care.


Innovative Ways to Express Self

Sometimes, people need alternative ways to express what they’re thinking or feeling where talking may not be enough. That is why online therapy may be a better alternative in which those individuals can write, talk with or without video and communicate in real time or asynchronous and even provide options to send photos. Any of these combinations are available with teletherapy and may be suitable for those in need of partaking in different forms of communication to express themselves or their situation; especially those suffering with social anxiety. If you are nervous at the thought of meeting someone face to face, or in-person for the first time, contact us to get started.


Encourages shorter sessions for clients who prefer it

This type of mental health setting may be more suitable for those who prefer shorter counseling services. If you need brief assistance or care on a less urgent or daunting situation, taking advantage of video-conference, email, a chat bot, or even a text may be a great alternative. This method is easy, painless and you can quickly go about your day afterwards.


Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are complex illnesses that can be affected by biological, personality or environmental factors. Common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, binge eating or bulimia. People struggling with an eating disorder may very well desire help but may feel too ashamed to reach out through traditional ways. This is where e-therapy may be a first step in supporting these individuals to overcome their disorder and get the help they need.



Individuals who are being affected by the demands of life, whether it be emotionally or mentally may find online therapy to be beneficial. It gives one an option to find better ways to cope with their external pressures.



Anyone can feel some level of anxiety occasionally. But if you’re experiencing perpetual overwhelming feelings of nervousness, worry, self-doubt or dread, talking to an online therapist can help.


Parenting Issues

Teletherapy can be a great option for parents who are always on the go. This form of counseling can be beneficial to those who are finding parenting difficult or experiencing any number of parenting issues. Speaking with a licensed online professional can give you the tools you need to improve your current family dynamics.


Relationship Issues

Relationships aren't easy and take a lot of hard work, some of which includes learning to speak your partner's language.  The great news is that there is help available through online relationship counseling. Today's online relationship counseling include online marriage counseling services via marriage counseling sessions with licensed therapists. For those who prefer brief and convenient ways to help resolve their relationship issues, e-therapy is the way to go.


Obsessions and Compulsions

Obsessions are persistent, unwanted thoughts about a matter, whereas compulsions are repetitive behaviors or that one feels compelled to perform. People diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorders may feel the need for more frequent and easily accessible contact with an online therapist.



People struggling with depression often have trouble dealing with daily stresses. This could be onset by genetic, environmental or biochemical factors. Symptoms could include anger, difficulty enjoying activities or concentrating, thoughts of suicide or changes in weight and eating habits. People dealing with this can battle with getting out of bed, to bathing, getting dressed and leaving home. Of course, depression may manifest in different ways for each individual, however those who lack the motivation to meet face to face with a therapist may find online counseling to be more endurable.

Teletherapy, or online therapy is a great alternative for non-suicidal individuals or those who do not require more intensive intervention. Online therapy may have different limitations from traditional therapy, but whether it is better or worse than traditional treatment is a matter of perception and individual needs.

When going through difficult life changing situations, or dealing with mental health and psychological issues, having someone to talk to and process problems can add much value to your life. Thanks to modern technology, there are alternative ways to get the care you need. Online therapy is proven to be just as effective as traditional in-person therapy and provides easier access, reduced costs, flexibility, comfort and more frequent care. These options can be beneficial to people with various backgrounds and situations.