Rising Hope Clinical is a leader in behavioral healthcare for the southeast and the surrounding region. We provide comprehensive, high quality, cost effective treatment, rehabilitation, advocacy and support for recovery, primarily to persons most in need, to enhance the quality of their lives.

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Jeffrey Aldridge, LCAS, MA, LCMHC-A, DMV-SAE MA



My name is Jeff Aldridge, and I am excited, as well as humbled to join work in the addictions field. My passion is working with those who suffer from addictions. I have firsthand knowledge of the life of an alcoholic and addict. I also have firsthand knowledge and experience on how recovery from this chronic disease is very possible. Being a recovered alcoholic and addict myself for many years, living one day at a time I have the opportunity to work with many individuals of every culture, race and background in many treatment settings and levels of care.

I am a fully Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS}in the state of North Carolina and   National and Internationally NAADAC Certified Master’s Addictions Counselor. I am also certified as a NC DMV DWI Evaluator and have enjoyed doing evaluations and assessments for many years. I am registered presentlly with N.C. Licensing Board of Mental Health Counselors and have a great amount of experience in working with Co-Occuring Mental and Substance Use disorders. I attended Liberty University and earned a Masters degree of Counseling (Addictions and Recovery) 2013 and also a Masters degree of Counseling (LPC) 2015 after working in the addictions field for many years as a Certified Alcohol and Drug counselor and Peer Support Specialist with an Associate Degree from a Community College in Human Services.

I am very grateful and excited to work with individuals, courts and legal officers as well as employers in the area who are in need of educational presentations, assessments are treatment services. My passion is working with any individual or family who reaches out for help. My goal is to make sure that hand is there in our community.

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